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The cabin air filter protects the driver and passenger by improving the air quality inside your heavy-duty truck. The air filter removes pollen, dust, and other harmful pollutants before they are introduced into the truck’s cabin. In most vehicles, they are located behind the glove compartment/box and can be cleaned or switched out when dirty or damaged. If your truck’s HVAC system appears forced, under-serving, or your truck smells funny; you may need to change the cabin air filter.

Affordable Heavy Truck Parts have different cabin air filters for you to choose from based on your needs. Our cabin air filters are sourced from different name brands to match your needs at all times, and you can browse our inventory to get started.

When should you change your cabin air filter?
There is no set time to change your cabin air filters; however, most manuals recommend replacing the filter after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles driven. To be on the safe side, it is important to watch out for the common signs of clogged or heavy filters, which can be in the form of low air quality inside the cabin, an under-serving HVAC system, or increased pressure on the engine when the cooling or heating system comes on. To change your air filter, consult with the owner’s manual of your vehicle.

It is important to buy genuine parts, including cabin air filters, and we are happy to help in that department. All you need to do is visit our cabin air filter inventory to choose the right one for your truck. You can also contact any of our representatives for help, and we are happy to put you through the selection and shopping phase.

Get the right quality of cabin air filters at the right price here at Affordable Heavy Truck Parts.

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