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The electrical system of a heavy truck can be likened to any other system, including the human nervous system. This system coordinates parts and keeps all truck components working as they should – in synchronization. When there is a problem with any aspect of the electrical system, fixes should be sought instantly. Ignoring electrical warnings in heavy trucks can be disastrous – especially as it puts both the driver and other road users at risk. If you need any electrical parts for your heavy truck – whether replacement parts or aftermarket upgrades and accessories, visit us at Affordable Heavy Truck Parts.

Our website offers you an array of electrical system parts and accessories to choose from. We specialize in genuine products that have been carefully sourced to improve the function and performance of your heavy truck. We have truck parts and accessories for all kinds of heavy trucks, irrespective of the make and model. You will find a wide selection of parts on our digital shelves, including batteries, battery components, and electrical components.

Batteries, Battery Terminals, and Accessories

Any part of your truck is critical to its function and performance, including the battery. A powerful battery is as important as the cables, plugs, terminals, harnesses, and lead wires. Our selection of batteries and battery accessories offers you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Fuses, Electrical Components, Circuit Breakers, and Assemblies

Affordable Heavy Truck Parts has a large inventory of circuit breakers, fuses, and other important trick parts. We have sourced them from trusted suppliers to ensure guaranteed protection. Shopping for items and parts like toggle switches, flashers, and rocker switches? We have them in store.

Lighting and Lighting Accessories

Your choice of lighting and lighting accessories can improve your safety on the roads. We offer all kinds of parts you may need, including bulbs, LED light bars, lamp assemblies, light modules, and more.

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