Exhaust & Intake

Exhaust and Intake Systems

Good air intake and exhaust systems play a vital role in a truck’s performance. The exhaust collects the hot air generated and routes it out of your truck. It also helps to bring down the noise created by these fast-flowing gases. On the other hand, the air intake system works with the exhaust to let in fresh air through the filters to the cylinders.

Both systems play a major part in ensuring your truck’s optimal performance. It is essential to keep the air filters clean and ensure that the air going into them has as much ambient temperature as possible. The exhaust system should also be designed to ensure the resistance to the flow of hot gases is as little as possible.

Affordable Heavy Truck Parts has a wide range of exhaust and intake products. Whether you are looking for air intake components or exhaust system parts, we have it all. From exhaust clamp v-bands, spring retainers, shafts, pipe gaskets, and engine preheater elements to hose air intake elbows, clamps, and more! All the products we carry are high quality, go through a thorough checking process, come at competitive prices, and have proven to have a long-lasting performance. We also ensure quick delivery so that you don’t have to wait on your truck parts for long and can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Check out our wide range of exhaust and intake products below, or contact us if you need help finding what you are looking for.

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Affordable Heavy Truck Parts offers different low-cost alternatives for your truck parts. We also offer aftermarket parts at reasonable rates. We carry different brands and will also help you find parts that are normally difficult to find. Contact us today!

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